App Store

Creating Apps

Step 1: Create a developer account
Head over to and click Developer Portal. Register for a Thred account and agree to the Terms of Service.
Step 2: Customize your profile
Once you create an account, a username and profile picture will be generated for you. Press on your profile at the top right to open the menu and edit these details.
Step 3: Create your first app
Head over to your Developer Dashboard and click Add New. Enter Details about your app like Name, Description, Display Images, and Available Networks.
Step 4: Pricing your app
Developers can choose to set an installation fee on their apps. Installation fees are uniform across the different networks the app supports. For instance, if you were to list your app for 1 ETH on Ethereum, it would cost a customer to 1 MATIC to install it on Polygon.
If you would like to set different fees per. network, consider turning your app into 2 different applications. One for ETH, and one for MATIC.